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Increase your approvals and speed up your time to decision

Finance is an excellent tool for closing sales in a lockdown environment. What you and your customer want is a fast decision and naturally an acceptance! This week's guide is geared at helping to deliver just that!

While none of what this latest guide points out is new wisdom, the importance of accuracy and completeness in finance applications cannot be underestimated. I don't think it's over-stating things to say that it can be the difference between a sale or no sale.

Getting it Right the First Time, Every Time

Help us to help you and your customers by getting that finance application and any supporting evidence right the first time, every time - providing you with more customer approvals faster.

The Magnificent Seven


Accuracy and completeness in customer details and spelling are critical. You can check out our 'Magnificent Seven' tips to help HERE.

An extra bit of time at the beginning of the process means we get quality information and you get a decision in minutes! Avoiding hassle and re-work - a winner for us all!

Until our next tip in this series, best wishes and stay safe.